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82 Videos About Reducing Waste

Here is a link to a page that lists 82 links to videos about reducing waste. Most of these are not about plastic. Some methods and suggestions are practical enough to be adopted at home. Others are about technology. Some just try to make a point – perhaps not always a useful or practical one. Some are entertaining.

Based on what we now know about marine microbes that breakdown and consume plastic waste, we’re feeling a bit sorry for the fellow who did such a wonderful job building his own floating island on a foundation of plastic bottles.

But the overall theme of reducing waste is thought provoking and motivational. We can all make a difference.

In a future article on this theme, we will ask you to think of plastic not as an evil in itself, but as a truly useful and valuable material that requires responsible use – and better behaviors and systems in households, businesses and municipalities.

We hope you‘ll enjoy browsing these videos and find some information that you can use – reducing waste.