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Plastic Breaks Down in Ocean, After All -- And Fast

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US scientists study huge plastic patch in Pacific

Land-based discharges of human-made debris comprise the largest source of marine debris in oceans world-wide

Plastic chemical linked to female aggression

'Gender-bending' fear over plastic drinks bottles

Plastics break down fast in ocean

Oceans Found Able to Dissolve Plastic Pollution

PVC: The Poison Plastic

Polystyrene Foam Report

Biodegradable Cups May Not Be as Earth-Friendly as You Think

Recycling Plastic: What a Waste

Municipal Best Management Practices for Controlling Trash and Debris in Run-off

Political, business and environmental leaders tackle ocean trash

Researchers: Pacific Trash Possibly Killing Fish

40 tonnes plastic waste each day

Group warns vs toxic chemicals in plastic shoes

Ocean Garbage Dump Filled with Plastic

The journey of a plastic cup

'Pacific Garbage Patch' expedition finds plastic, plastic everywhere

Voyage confirms plastic pollution

Voyage to the centre of the 'Plastic Vortex'

Plastic Association Warns Against Degradable Materials

Beyond coastal clean-up - reducing plastic trash

Adventures in Plastic Recycling

Envion Oil Generator turns plastic waste into oil

Can the Pacific's plastic wasteland be fixed?

Will science prevail in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch?

Sanctions Threatened Against Plastics Producers

An Alternative To Plastic Containers

Where do our recyclables go?

Ban on plastic is expanding

City Known for Its Water Turns to Tap to Lessen Trash

The plastic wrap

Other Dangers of Plastic

How Did The US Do in Rigid Plastics Recycling Study?

More Bad News about BpA

The Dalai Lama encourages followers to stop using plastic

How green is your picnic?

The plastic bottle meltdown

A Life Without Plastics?

Making money from used plastic

California Ocean Protection Council proposes Ban on Polystyrene Packaging, fee for use of plastic bags

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Trashing the Oceans

Straining a Plastic Soup

Six firms stop sales of hard plastic baby bottles

California Lawmakers propose bill including ban on plastic and tax on plastic bags

Pumping up the value of recycled plastics

Cast away those soft plastic lures

Fixit: For plastic recycling, what's the difference?

Plastic Hospital Tubing May Affect Heart Function, Taste

Consumers urged to collect plastic bottle caps

Evaluating the Dangers of Bisphenol A in Plastic Baby Bottles

Is this free plastic bottle safe for son?

Society of the Plastics Industry Internet campaign to target millennials

Plastic makes this girl go green

Ford Explores 'Suede' Fabrics Made From Pop Bottles, Nanotechnology, and More

Study: Plastic Bottles Increase BPA Levels In Humans

Plastic bottles

Garbage Trucks to Troll the High Seas for Plastic Debris

Biodegradable Cups May Not Be as Earth-Friendly as You Think