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DP World, Leading Marine Port Terminal Operator, Partners with Plastic Free Ocean

Building on its commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship, global port operator DP World has become the lead corporate sponsor of Plastic Free Ocean.

Serving the world’s shipping needs from locations in 31 countries and growing, DP World is one of the largest marine terminal operators with 50 terminals, including some of the world’s largest and busiest ports, and has 11 new facilities and major expansions currently under development. DP World’s team of nearly 30,000 people serves customers in many of the most dynamic economies in the world.

In his statement announcing the Plastic Free Ocean sponsorship, DP World CEO, Mohammed Sharaf, showed that he truly understands the scope of the problem, “Partnerships with organisations such as Plastic Free Ocean help us create a model cleanup programme that can be replicated by other organisations and agencies worldwide, paying particular attention to the problem of proper disposal and recycling. “Clean Ports” brings DP World employees, suppliers, local dive clubs and schools together to clean marine environments while building awareness of underlying environmental issues.”

DP world has shown a long-term commitment to conservation, sustainability and environmental stewardship. The company’s “Clean Ports” initiative is a model for port operators worldwide. DP World also invests in healthcare and innovative health education programs (http://eastafrica.usaid.gov/en/Article.1316.aspx), and has a world-class record for security and safety throughout its port operations.

Beginning in 2011, DP World will integrate Plastic Free Ocean materials and technical expertise into its “Clean Ports corporate sustainability program, an initiative launched in Algiers in 2009. The kickoff event worked with Kone Cranes and RECIFS, a local dive club, to collect 100 TEU (twenty-foot equivalent container units) of waste from three recreational ports near the Algerian capital. With the help of Plastic Free Ocean, DP World will assure that plastics collected via “Clean Ports” campaigns are properly disposed of, and will work to educate local communities about the dangers of plastic refuse. These programs will be supported in part by DP World’s supplier Liehberr, a leading manufacturer of heavy-lift and refrigeration equipment.

DP World’s sponsorship and other growing support for the Plastic Free Ocean mission recognize that plastic waste kills more marine wildlife than any other non-natural cause, and that dangerous and excessive uses of plastics, improper disposal and insufficient recycling are creating the most serious and insidious worldwide threats to human health.

DP World’s global reach and engagement with the communities in which it operates will help Plastic Free Ocean build awareness, and educate consumers and businesses in areas that we would otherwise never reach. The most exciting aspect of this partnership is DP World’s willingness to use the company’s engineering and logistics expertise to help us create a cleanup program that can serve as the model for other organizations and agencies around the world to rid the oceans of plastic waste.